Family Tournament

I am a self confessed gamer. There, I said it. I’ve been more addicted to video games than anything resembling real life since my first Pokemon. Gamboy evolved into Gamecube, Gamecube into Playstation, so on and so forth. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I haven’t had some game or other on the go, coming home from school and levelling up on Final Fantasy VIII, or getting the highest K/D ratio on Halo 3. I was always the “Look whose crawled out of their cave” family member, and I proudly walked into the gamer-friendly society that we live in now.

However, the one thing I have always missed out on was a team, an online group of friends or comrades in which we kicked ass and took names all over whatever platform we fancied. I didn’t have that many friends in school, the friends I did have weren’t into the games I was into, so I didn’t have a clan to call home. But all that has changed, and I might be going a little over-board with it now. I recently purchased Call of Duty Black Ops 3, at the badgering request of my elder brother, and even though I was never an obsessive fan of the CoD franchise, this game is truly addictive for me. It all started with a group chat via Whatsapp, my oldest brother Mark created and he invited me, his girlfriend, Kat, Morgan, my other brother Tom, and his Wife Sophie, to join. The purpose of this group chat was to talk about family issues or events etc, but when Mark started badgering me to get Cod BO3 it all changed.

Me and Morgan bought the game, and every time I decided to play (which is basically every night) there was a constant back and forth of “You playing CoD?” which was initially between me and Mark as we was the only ones who had the game, but there was also a lot of teasing directed at Tom because he didn’t have the game and we wanted to pick on him. Tom eventually nagged my mum to buy him this game, keep in mind he’s 25, and we’re now all very excited that we all have this amazing game. As me and Mark discussed via headset what an amazing opportunity it will be to have all brothers playing the same game we came up with an ingenious idea to not only create a party for us all, but to create a league where all brothers and their partners will contend against each other in free for all games.

I know this sounds embarrassing as hell, and it is sad that I am so excited about this, but I took the liberty of creating designs for an actual leader board where all our scores are kept. Because I haven’t blogged in a while, I thought I would post the results of my (rather disturbing) labours in creating avatars, team logos and leader boards. I used the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator, because I love that style, and after I recreated my family members I used photoshop to tidy up the crops, add extras and then used generic CoD BO3 wallpapers as the backdrops. I hope you enjoy the images below, I know they’re nothing fancy, and they aren’t for public or commercial use, but I’m going to enjoy posting them in our Whatsapp group where I will announce winners and update Leader boards depending on who wins the games.

My younger brother’s team, he chose to be fully in black so I gave him a Wii remote to make him less emo.
Mark and Kat’s team, equipped with their pet Husky, Mia, and their pet snake, Jake.


Tom and Sophie’s team, even though I gave him more props than anyone, he still wanted a shotgun.
Morgan and I’s team, I needed to include two puss-cats to represent our fur-babies.
Leader board
Not the greatest font for the leader board, I might change it once we get playing.

I hope you enjoyed my post, I’m not sure what audience this is for but I’m just so proud of my creations. I hope the league will be half as good as I think it will be, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun.

Life is Strange Episode 4

This game gets progressively better every minute you play it, and that’s saying something considering that it started off epic. Following the traumatic and shocking ending to the third episode, Max and Chloe walk (and not walk) and talk together along the harbour. They chat about the strange occurrences happening in Arcadia Bay, which is mainly just the random dead animals and the whales washing up dead on the beach, but also about Chloe becoming paralysed. After I saved her dad’s life, she enjoyed many more years with her family. On Chloe’s sixteenth birthday, her father bought her a car and she was involved in a car accident not long after. Since then she has been paralysed, her family are in a huge amount of debt because of the millions of dollars of equipment that Chloe needs to survive. Insurance helps, according to Chloe’s father, but they are rapidly running out of money and hope. Back at Chloe’s house, I decide to spend the night and whilst sat beside Chloe’s bed we fall asleep watching Blade Runner.

When we both wake up Chloe announces that she is in a lot of pain and asks me to go upstairs and get her some strong morphine that her parents don’t trust her near. I oblige, taking my time to snoop around the house but only finding sadness in every room I go in, and eventually bring Chloe the morphine back. Once I administer it for her, she asks me to end her life. Her reasoning is that she is dying anyway (which is true her respiratory systems are failing) so I’ll just be speeding up the process. Regardless, I refuse because at this point I am genuinely unsure if I’ll be stuck in this alternative reality and Chloe’s family would be so shocked and devastated to lose her like that. And, selfishly, Chloe and Max together is just the cutest, no matter what reality they’re in. In a nearby photo album, I locate the photo that sent me back in the first place, focussing hard on it I use my power again to go back to when me and Chloe are kids. Heartbreakingly, I let Chloe’s dad drive to his death in order to save her and her family from a miserable life. I then wake up back in my reality, in Chloe’s room this time where I am ecstatic to find the punk rocking that blue hair again.

Now it’s time to put my snooping skills to use, I watch as Dave leaves Chloe’s house for good and then go into his garage to see what he left. I remember the code for his locker padlock (7171 if you were interested) and discover lots of files that could potentially incriminate Nathan. I also saved a blue jay that I let in much earlier in the game which made me feel good. After I find everything I need, and photos get taken, Chloe comes downstairs and we make our way to Blackwell Academy for some detective level snooping in the boys’ dorm. After a small bump-into with Mr Jefferson, who was rather flirty with Chloe, and some exploring outside, we finally enter the boys’ dorm. It’s not much different to the girls’ dorm, and after Kate texts me Nathan’s room number, I enter his very swanky pad. Not as disturbing as I originally thought it would be, Nathan’s room is full of some questionable photography, letters from doctors and family, posters and films which all scream crazy and dangerous. I find some scratch marks on the floor near a couch, when I pull it forward a I discover a phone taped to the back of it. Grabbing my swag I turn tail and get out of this eerie and expensive room. On the way out, Chloe and I are confronted by Nathan who says some pretty threatening things – Warren comes out of no were to defend my honour, or some shit, Nathan pulls a gun on him and the two wrestle it out. I have the choice to pull Warren off of Nathan, and I do because Warren shouldn’t get himself into too much trouble over the prick.

Now it’s time to pay Frank a visit. After a couple of rewinding conversations I discover that this situation is delicate and needs to be handled with care. Frank has been Killed, shot and wounded, and his dog has been let loose on Chloe. Finally, I navigate the conversation by giving him his money, expressing my admiration that he saved so many dogs and then appealed to his great relationship with Rachel. He eventually gives me his client list and the ability to decipher it – this should help track Nathan’s actions and contribute to pinning him down. We go back to Chloe’s, and after some really cool detective work, I piece together all the evidence we collected to find out where Nathan was when Kate was drugged, what drugs he bought, and where we can find his secret lair. After we gather the information it’s time to get into the Chloe mobile and see if we can find out where Nathan took Kate. Arriving at some really creepy looking run down barn, we search for an entrance and find a loose metal sheet on the side of the building. When we enter it’s clear that the barn has been in the Prescott family for over a century, and that the family has always been run by ruthless businessmen. I stumble (literally) across a hatch in the floor with a modern padlock on it.

Considering this is the only modern item in the vicinity it definitely deserves suspicion. After some Assassin’s Creed level tinkering with the barn, we smash open the lock to reveal some seriously creepy staircase heading underground. I was met with a bank-vault level door and a keypad. The keypad had three numbers which are way more worn out than the others, so I just enter every combination there is and eventually gain access (sorry, I can’t remember what it was). The bunker is full of the most expensive equipment a photographer could dream of: tripods, printers, cameras and a computer that has a photo of Kate loaded on it where she is duct taped and crying and looks like she has been through hell. If this wasn’t scary enough, Chloe and I find a massive locker which is full of red binders full of girls’ names on them. We find an empty binder with Victoria’s name on it, and then a red binder labelled “Rachel” that is full of pictures of her beaten and abused. We both freak out and realise that Nathan must have killed her and buried her body in the scrapyard.

We go to the scrapyard and discover Rachel’s corpse wrapped up in tarp, buried in a shallow grave. Fucking traumatising experience over, Chloe and I drive to the Vortex party in a whirlwind of fury and despair – Chloe all the while declaring how she will kill Nathan for what he did to Rachel. When we get to school, a drunken Warren snaps a selfie with me but we soon shake him off, and then we get inside where the party is in full swing. After asking around I find out that Nathan isn’t around yet, but I do gain access into the VIP Vortex club party as a result of being nice to Courtney in Episode 1 and having my name put on the list. When I’m inside I am joined by Chloe and we still can’t find Nathan anywhere. I approach Victoria who admits Nathan isn’t here, I warn her about Nathan being dangerous and she believed me and told me should would make sure she would be surrounded by trusted friends that will protect her. Phew, at least I know Nathan won’t be attacking her tonight. Chloe gets a text from Nathan on her phone and he tells her that he is going to destroy the evidence of Rachel. We hurry out of the party but not before being stopped by Mr Jefferson who announces that Victoria has won the “everyday heroes” photography project to the entire party. She is obviously thrilled and dedicates her award to Kate which was sweet.

We then rush off to the scrapyard where we search for Rachel’s remains by phone-light. We discover her body is still there when a needle gets stuck into my neck and I fall to the ground, I try to warn Chloe but as she turns around… She gets a bullet in the head. My rewind is clearly not working in my almost-unconscious state and I can’t save her. And just before I pass out I see, not Nathan, but Mr Jefferson walk over to my body with a gun in his hand, and looking maliciously evil. After the credits roll I am horrified by the familiar décor of the bunker we believed to belong to Nathan, and Mr Jefferson approaching my body as I whimper and tell him he doesn’t have to do this.

OH MY GOD GUYS! I cannot believe that twist. It’s driving me insane, I always thought he was a little bit dodgy, but nothing like this! I assumed he was just a bored and failed photographer, not a serial killer/ rapist/ psycho. What a great turn of events, but I truly don’t know how I will get out of this. I am dying to play the next episode.

Sunday Funday | The Division

For once in a very very blue moon I bought a new game. To be fair, I went splitsies with my brother, so it wasn’t too expensive. But still, the game looked so awesome I needed to have it immediately.  Was it worth it, does the game live up to the hype? Perhaps not. Does it make it a bad game? Definitely not. But you might not be wrong to suggest that my very limited funds would have been better saved until The Division was a year old or so. Like love, friendship and pet ownership, the feeling when you get a new game can be instantaneously fantastic. But there is a risk with gaming, much like a blind date, when something doesn’t feel right it can leave a sour taste in your mouth. A deep and unmentionable regret that leaves you feeling pissed that your spent time and money on something new when you could have stayed with ol’ reliable Halo and had a decent night with a classic favourite.

The Division, for me, lies somewhere between these two experiences. It was advertised to me like something between Call of Duty and Fallout 4. An amazing post-apocalyptic FPS which allows you to team up with friends to save the world, or what’s left of it, from a dangerous virus. Maybe I was hoping for more science fiction, but what I got was more of a desolate and hopeless shanty of an open world. More gloomy and desperate than adventurous and mysterious. The world is truly huge though, I like that you have to put effort into unlocking safe houses to enable fast travel across the map, and it does take a while to get from one place to the other without them unlocked (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). I really like the idea of upgrading my base camp’s Medical, Security and Tech wing, and the missions to gain experience for said upgrading are pretty fun. But what else really is there?

I was hoping for a kick-ass multiplayer function which would be similar to Call of Duty. Amazing graphics and great gameplay would have been a great addition for a PvP set match where you battle against strangers on the internet. Instead, the game is completely online. If I want to invite strangers or friends to free-roam on my map or help with missions I can (which is good) but if I fancy entering a realm where I PvP is enabled I have to enter ‘The Dark Zone’. This is a large section of the map which you can enter where there are very hard enemies here and there, and anyone online can enter also, you can team up in parties. However, if you want to kill any non-AI you will be marked as ‘rogue’ and people will then try to hunt you for extra points. This seems, what’s the word… vanilla. If there were set matches where a team of non-AI battled AI, that’d be fun. Or perhaps set matches  with PvP that would be awesome. But instead, the feel of the game seems far too open, it lacks structure and it pretty much leaves me feeling underwhelmed.

Overall, I don’t think The Division is a bad game, but it certainly wasn’t the blockbuster I’d hoped for. I expected a phenomenal storyline with a killer multiplayer function. I received a gloomy storyline with a really cool upgrading system, but a completely unstructured online function which basically means no versus-multiplayer. If you have a team of good friends that all play The Division I guess you’ll love it. If you’re a loner gamer who loves to be immersed in a game by yourself you may want to consider a different game.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s review. Have you played The Division, do you agree with my opinion?

Ten Bad Book Covers

Good for you! You got your book published. And now comes the extraordinarily hard part, designing and approving your books cover. You know that saying “Don’t judge a book by the cover”? Well it’s a saying because people regularly do judge a book by its cover. Some book covers can make you do a sad sigh and think “that’s unfortunate”and sometimes it can even make you jump back and yell “What the Frick?!” but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad books at all, not everyone has the money or creativity to come up with a great design… But maybe that’s not the best excuse considering there are a lot of talented people out there that can help design for very little money. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to have a look at my top (or bottom depending on your physiological outlook) shall we say bad book covers.

Let’s try, if we can, not to question why the hell this book was ever written in the first place. I shudder to Imagine some of the pages in this book. The book cover itself does absolutely no favours for the content. Is he whittling wood!? What are you doing with a wood log man? Is that… Is that a pumpkin?

Oh Jesus. Please be intentionally ironic… PLEASE be intentionally ironic. I’m not sure what the content of this book includes, but if we was to take this cover into consideration it might suggest playing chess with a rather too-smug-for-my-liking cat. Where are the black pieces? Has the cat won or lost? Are these questions answered in the book?!

I have no idea who that creepy wigged-man is supposed to be. Is it Mozart? Beethoven? Whoever it is, is a bad bad man. I’m sure this book is as useful as it is informative, but I’d be more than scared to pick it up in my local Waterstones and take it to the cashier. WHY ARE YOU SMILING LIKE THAT, GET YOUR HAND OFF OF THE BOY’S SHOULDER!

The, erm, untold story of Tarzan I guess. I really respond to the love in Tarzan’s eyes, as if the two mammals have just shared a romantic night together. The monkey however, looks as if he is demonstrating the action in which Tarzan loves the most from his furry friend. Bestiality is wrong kids.

Her jumper screams cool but her eyes scream horrific murder. I am not sure what this particular person is programmed for, but it isn’t love. Something much more like hiding your body in multiple locations. Again, I am positive this book could have a heart warming story, but the cover suggests an 80’s fuelled killing spree whilst the phrase “Does not compute!” Is repeated many many times.

The girl looks so pretty, so why the hell did they make the bear-man have the tiniest blurry face in the world. The book cover for this story leaves a lot to the imagination. Is the humongous poorly-rendered creature trying to love her, kill her, or is he trying to figure out her secrets of high resolution modelling? I think I’d prefer it if she looked as bad as him, but no. I’m just left confused, angry and scared.

Is that the same model? Have they just photoshopped him blue, transparent and kissing himself? That’s messed up. Irregularly, this book cover seems to be doing the best it can with an incredibly strange context. I fucking love the typography in this cover, look how big “Gay” is. It’s like the cover is suggesting that being gay is scary, not only scary but scarier than dying and being kept in the everlasting turmoil of the afterlife as a ghost.

Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, and now The BBW and the Space Lord. I am sure that this book is full of romance and fascination. However, the book cover shows us one enormous man with very poorly edited blue hair and some strange purple eyes. As impressive as he may be, the tiny lady in front of him just looks like someone edited their Facebook profile picture on top of him. A Tale from Alpha Space. Brilliant.

What? WHAT! Oh good, this topic is far too dark to even explore with dark humour. What is wrong with you Dr. Charlie Shedd? The dad is holding at least two children in the photo. This is just wrong. So, so wring! AHHHH!

The beauty of this book cover transcends everything. The close up of the face on the left looks like a poorly animated CGI from the 80’s and he just looks so damn confused. I love the action stance on the right, one question though… Where is his junk? Is his strategically placed right hand covering it, or does the Mountain King not need such human parts? “Burly, sexual, and full of nostalgia” what exactly are you nostalgic for? Was your past full of fully naked bad-CGI confused mountain kings, Mr. Columbus? Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Remember, I don’t want to be make anyone feel bad about their book covers but I’m sure we can all take a moment in life to have a giggle at some book covers that could have benefited from some more design planning.

Haters Gonna Hate

My god, there is so much hate in the world that it’s hard to even have a digital presence without losing some slither of hope in humanity. Whether it’s women’s rights or loving DC and Marvel comics equally, there are going to be so many people in the world that want to shoot you down and try to make your beliefs seem ludicrous. And I can’t think of anything supportive or peppy to help the millions of people getting put down other than “Haters gonna hate”. Which isn’t really that helpful considering sometimes there is little to hate other than someone else’s love or basic human rights. Does’t stop people though does it?

I mean, take gay marriage only just being legalised in America. It is such recent history, and I am proud to be alive in a time which includes that lovely event, but come on! That did not go down easily for supporters of gay rights. There were so many people (and still are countless) that opposed the legalisation, and it would often result in violent and hateful outbreaks. The only leg opposers had to stand on was of a religious origin, but the most respectable religious people I know understand that spewing hate is not what any God or religion asks for. I respect and admire anyone who follows their heart, and it breaks my heart to see anyone judged just for who they love.

I think my biggest hot button issue at the minute is women’s rights. For hundreds of years women have struggled to be accepted, acknowledged and respected. But countless men in the world believe that because women can vote it means they are seen as equal in society, and when evidence is provided of the contrary, men can fly off the handle throwing words like “Feminazi” around. I don’t think a lot of men understand that being a Feminist literally is the social, economic and political belief that women should be treated equally to men in society. That’s it. Feminism isn’t about women being better or superior, despite what countless men try to preach, and some have taken it upon themselves to coin the word “Meninists” which is ridiculous because it proves how self-concious men feel about being left out of even the name of something. Get a grip.

Again, I’m sorry, I don’t necessarily have any relief for anyone suffering through other people’s hate. I just wanted to express my frustration with people that just hate on other people for just trying to be accepted in society. I am a straight white male, and I fully accept that life is so easy for me in comparison to anyone who isn’t, I just wish everyone saw this too. Because the people that deliver hate, and the people that receive it, they are exactly that. People. Real live people which live, love, hate, care and speak – and we should all try to be more accepting of each other, rather than just trying to defend each other. None of this “Oh, some men/ straight/ white people might believe this but I’m not like that” we are all guilty of prejudices at some point, just bear that cross and try to change it. There are so many great campaigns out there that support struggle members of society, one of my favourites is HeForShe, which deserves all of your attention and support via Twitter etc. HeForShe highlights the importance for men to support feminism because we’re all in this together here.

I’m sorry for the rant here peeps, but I needed to just express how annoying it is for people to both deliver hate and then try and defend it or ignore it.

Life is Strange Episode 3

The third post in my play through for Life is Strange is kicking off with Episode three. After the brilliant experience that was Episode two (which I posted about here) I came into this chapter with high hopes, and was not disappointed. Similar to the last episode, I awake in my dorm room (wall graffitied thanks to prick-face Nathan) at night this time. I get a text from Chloe asking me to meet up with her as she has some juicy details. I check my laptop and find Kate’s Facebook filled with loving messages from people at school (including hypocrites like Victoria) and my own is filled with congratulations for being a hero and saving Kate. Thank you very much. And obviously my plant has drowned to death because I watered it twice (WTF?). All the boards in the dorm have supportive messages directed at Kate, despite the fact she’s in the hospital, and Dana calls me into her room for reassurance as I walk by. Nothing interesting happens yet, but Dana does tell me she spotted Victoria sneaking out a bit before myself, what’s happening here then? As I enter the courtyard Chloe jumps out at me, and scares me IRL as well as in game, which is when we spot Victoria trying to seduce Mr Jefferson (big surprise there).

After Mr Jefferson and Victoria leave the vicinity, me and Chloe break into the school. Well, Chloe steals the keys from her step-dad the (Dave the security guard) so she doesn’t see it as breaking into the school. We get to the principals office which is where we discover that Chloe doesn’t have the keys to his office, after searching around I find nothing and text warren for advice into how to make a pipe bomb. The worryingly-informed Warren delivers, sending me a text of ingredients and instructions. Luckily, the science department has the chemicals I need, I find an empty can of soda in the trash and some duct tape in the art room which allows me to make a little bomb to get into the principal’s office. As I search through the science lab I discover Warren’s exam paper which was graded A- and I changed it to A+ because he helped me through a tricky spot. I return to Chloe and we blow open the principal’s office. Alarms, sirens, calls from the police explode around us – the fastest police response ever! I panic and run into  the principal’s office where I remember I can rewind time, so I do and I am five seconds in the past but on the other side of the principal’s door. I casually open the door and let Chloe in, who is amazed and impressed at my skills. After routing through the office I discover the files I’m after, but also a wad of five thousand dollars which is for the handicapped students. We are faced with a moral dilemma, take the money which would bail Chloe out of her debt with Frank, or leave it for the handicapped kids. Screw it, I took the money to save my friend – the school can find money elsewhere.

Still on the adrenaline high of breaking an entering, Chloe decides she wants to go splish-splash in the school pool. I am posed with a bit of a random choice, shall we go to the pool through the girl’s changing room or the boy’s changing room. Knowing this decision would have no consequence really I chose girl’s changing room, considering that the only male love interest in this game is Warren, I am more than happy to affiliate my interests with the girls. Especially considering that team includes the lovely Chloe who is precious. I explore both locker rooms in the end, including the staff room, finding nothing interesting but the pool lights, which I turn on, and then me and Chloe jump in. Enjoying our swim we  eventually get out, stinking of chlorine, I find the guest list for the Vortex club party (my name was already on the list) so I decided to cause some havoc and rub some names off the list. Then the security turns up, we scramble for the changing rooms where I have to use stealth and my rewind skills to hide behind lockers and evade the flash lights of the guards. Sneaking out, me and Chloe head back to her house for the night.

We wake up next to each other on Chloe’s bed, Chloe turns on some classic tunage and we just lay there. I could have gotten up sooner but there was something satisfying about listening to a great song and watching the two girls chill out for once.  Eventually I do get up, snoop around for a bit and eventually change my clothes. Unfortunately, my clothes still reek of chlorine so Chloe gets me some spare clothes that Rachel left. Beforehand however, Chloe gets her flirt on with me. She teases me to kiss her and I am all up in that. Apparently, I hated the warren storyline because it lacked substance. Being a quirky guy who mildly pesters Max doesn’t make a good love storyline for me. A friendship which was rekindled after five years when Max returns, exploring new feelings and nostalgic memories, whilst becoming closer than ever after discovering the town’s secrets together. Now that’s a love story! So yeah, I kissed her. and she jumped back shocked, but I got my foot in the door there. We go downstairs for some breakfast, I discover a whole shit-ton of dead birds outside (as if they’re dropping from the sky) and I delete a message for the step-dad off of the answer machine which snitches on Chloe for her truck being at Blackwell school last night. Chloe distracts her mother while I sneak into the garage and break into the step-dad’s computer (takes ages finding the right password) which is where I discover files on Rachel, Kate and myself. Busted!  I return to Chloe when the step-douche walks in and starts causing more hassle, I have the opportunity to side with Chloe or him in an argument, I naturally side with Chloe but I know this will cause more negative side affects because I have constantly gone out my way to go against this guy.

During the time at Chloe’s house there was a lot of talking and reminiscing over William, Chloe’s deceased father. Chloe’s mother, Joyce, hands me a photo which William took of me and Chloe when I was thirteen, shortly before he died in a car accident. Chloe drives me home, still fuming about her argument with Dave and how miserable her life has become since her father died. When I get back into my dorm room I stare at the photo Joyce handed me, and I start to go blurry and fuzzy. The photo fades and pulses and I realise it has something to do with my time powers. Next thing I know, I am thirteen again and have just had my photo taken with Chloe. It’s sad to think William will e dead shortly,  but I try to make the most of this time with both Chloe and William being happy. The phone rings and Joyce needs picking up – this is where William drives off to pick her up and dies in a car accident. I rewind time to hide steal his keys but he uses a key locater and hears it in my pocket. I rewind again and toss the keys out the window, this time it works and he abandons his plan to drive and I persuade him to take the bus. And then I wake  back up as my eighteen year old self, but everything’s changed. I’m sat with Victoria and the vortex club, Warren is necking some other lass. Everything seems happier overall but Max instantly panics and gets a bus to Chloe’s house. Low and behold, William answers the door safe and sound, and he is happy to see me. He tells me that Chloe’s been dying to see me and calls her to the door. And then I see her, Chloe comes into the hallway and I discover that she has become a paraplegic. She looks paralysed from the neck down. And the episodes ends.

Dramatic, ey? I hope you enjoyed this episode of my play through, and as always if you have played the game and did anything different let me know in the comments below. 





Life is Strange Episode 2

As promised in my last Sunday Funday, I am keen on keeping my blog up to date with my progress in the shamazing game ‘Life is Strange’. It’s safe to say at this point that I am obsessed with ‘Life is Strange’, I go to bed worrying what will happen next. I am constantly fighting the urge to search the internet for spoilers, but the game means to much to me to ruin it. So here I am, after completing the glorious second episode, and I am just as eager as ever to find out what happens next! The obvious spoilers will be posted below, and I’ll try not to break down mid-writing over the traumatic events that have done/ will do/ might have transpired.

After waking up from a hectic day, Max finds herself in her room. I turn on the Hi-Fi and start the game with some amazing music. Seriously cannot fangirl enough over the music in this game. After looking at everything in my room (and watering my plant for the second time) it’s time to hit the showers, I notice another mean note scribbled onto Kate’s board outside her room and rub it out. Before hitting the showers, I talk to everyone I can and notice Juliet laughing at something on her phone. I approach her and she tries to show me a video of apparently Kate really drunk doing some sexual things to a bunch of boys at a party. Oh hells no, not my baby Kate! I tell Juliet she should be more considerate to Kate and stop spreading rumours or mean videos, Juliet apologises and deletes the video from her phone. I am the true saviour of Kate Marsh. I get into the showers where Kate is standing looking glum, I try to talk to her and she just asks me to stop by her room after the shower to drop her book off. When Kate leaves I jump in the shower when the queen bitch Victoria walks in with one of her protégés – Taylor. They bitch about me and Kate – standard – and then write a link to the video of Kate on the mirror. Which I naturally erase when I leave.

After I pick up Kate’s book I go to her room to drop it off. After some major snooping through diaries and letters I find out that her family are on the brink of disowning her because of this video, apart from her dad who sent her a postcard with love. After speaking with Kate I learn that she was drugged at a Vortex party by that dick Nathan – not cool. I try to comfort her and she asks me what she should do, go to the police or sit on it until we get more evidence. Toughy. I had to pause and think for a while, go to the police seems like an obvious choice but when I told the principal that Nathan had a gun he brushed it under the rug and didn’t believe me. I then learn that Nathan’s family practically own the police in the town so I know they wouldn’t believe Kate, screwed up town. So I tell Kate to wait for evidence, which she doesn’t take kindly and becomes upset with me… hopefully she’ll forgive me. I leave the dorm to meet up with my awesome best friend Chloe, getting side tracked along the way to be kind to Taylor about her mum (I’m going to win over Victoria’s friends from the inside). Warren also stops me to invite me to some film fest, I blow him off because this story does not need some obvious love interest through the means of a clean-behind-the-ears teenage boy.

After going to the diner and showing off my mad time-skills to Chloe, we go down to one of Chloe’s secret places – a junk yard – but not before taking a call from Kate (even though it pissed off Chloe and made her jealous, I don’t want to ignore Kate). Stupidly, Chloe stole a gun from her step-dad and wanted to use my time abilities to help her shoot bottles or some random crap. I mean surely there’s a better way to show off my skills than shooting stuff. I search the junk yard for five bottles, where I come across a whole bunch of interesting crap, and struggle for fecking ages trying to find the fifth bottle. I come across a small hut which has been vandalised by Chloe and Rachel in the past. Graffiti is drawn on the walls, letters crumbled up in the bin and bottles littering the floor. In a desperate fit of wanting to feel accepted by Chloe I scribble my name besides hers and Rachel’s on the wall. Then, I bring the bottles to Chloe and we commence some strange shooting game where she tries to ricochet bullets off of junk and I have to rewind time to tell her what works well. Yes, I did kill Chloe a couple of time when trying to find the right junk which was a bit tense to say the least. And that’s when Frank walks in. If his tattoos and grizzly demeanour didn’t put me off, the fact I’ve seen Frank in a small cut away at the end of the last episode smoking a bong means I know he was a dodgy fellow. He threatens me and Chloe, as she owes him a lot of money, and that’s when Chloe discovers he is wearing Rachel’s bracelet, and he becomes angry and gets a knife out. I then had the option to shoot him or give him the gun, and I decided not to shoot him because I know that could cause a whole ton of trouble. Chloe is pissed I didn’t defend her but she ultimately accepts she prefers it this way – even though she has no defence against him for their next encounter.

When walking away from the junk yard we decide to take a walk on the railway lines (because nothing bad ever happens when you do that) and then we lay down on them for a girly chat. I black out when I get a vision about all the terrible things that will happen to the town and when I wake I’m met with even more drama and turmoil. Chloe’s foot gets trapped in a rail, and wouldn’t yah know it, a train is coming down the line. Despite the rewind ability in this game you can’t help but become scared and anxious when there’s time sensitive drama afoot. I stumble upon a couple of ways to save Chloe, including pushing a massive drum onto the tracks and wrecking them. However, I know that there must be a simpler option that will benefit everyone, so I find some pliers and open a fuse box cutting ‘the red wire’ (because it’s always the red wire) which loosens the lever for a railway switch. Chloe is freed, the train gets back on track, and everyone leaves happy and alive.

Back at school, I go to my art class but not before stopping off at the science lab to take photos and help Warren with a project. I don’t usually like encouraging a random bond between the two, but he’s a sweet kid and it’s just school work. Before I walk into art class I catch Mr Jefferson telling Kate that he can’t help her because of his ‘position’, whatever that means. Kate storms off upset and I take my seat in class. A few minutes in, a random jock storms in saying that something major was happening at the girls’ dorm, and we all run out. When I get to the girl’s dorm there is a huge crowd in the courtyard and Kate is standing on the precipice of the rooftop. And then she jumped. I tried to rewind, but I had to keep rewinding and rewinding the closer I got to the building and I had to watch her fall over and over again. Something happens to my power, I rewind long enough to get up to the rooftop but my abilities are tapped out. No matter what happens, I can’t change my actions, play it careful here Max! Thankfully, my love for Kate and snooping through her room has payed off, despite being pissed at me that I told her not to go to the police she appreciates all the nice things I’ve done for her. I remind her that I was the one who rubbed mean messaged off of her board, erased the link to her video etc. and then tell her that her father would be heartbroken without her. Eventually, I talk her down.

It’s a pretty good feeling, knowing that if it wasn’t for my persistent mothering of Kate, or my snoopy behaviour, I could have easily failed to save her. The episode ends here but not before a random unscheduled eclipse freaks out the town and we’re treated to a final cut away showing where the characters are at this point. And the final clip in the cut away, an ominous shot of red folders with girl’s names on them including Rachel Amber’s, and most worryingly – mine. Whatever this is it’s not good.

Very good episode, can’t wait to play the next one. I hope you enjoyed reading this, if any of you have played this game let me know which choices you made below.